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What is Father Dan Thinking? 7-16-23

Let’s go, Giants!

Kate and I finally made it to the ballpark. We went to a night game a couple weeks ago, and last Saturday we took in a day game with one of the wardens. We’ve plans to catch a game with the other warden, and one more on our own.

While some consider baseball boring, I rather like the measured pace of the game, even with this season’s time-saving rule modifications. There’s time to pause, reflect, chat, look around, etc. between pitches and innings. It’s not all go-go-go. That’s a welcome antidote to much of life’s go-go-go pace.

Last Sunday’s gospel recounted Jesus inviting us weary and heavy-laden ones to find rest in him. Jesus invites us to take on his yoke, a yoke he makes easy – as in apt, proper, custom-made for each of us – as we allow the grace of the sacraments to sand and shape this yoke to fit our ever-changing, ever-maturing spiritual shoulders.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to call baseball the eighth sacrament, there is something to the grace and goodness found in recreation and re-creation, wherever we find it. A baseball game might not be easy and fitting for you like it is for me, but I reckon you won’t have to think too hard to come up with your own secular but entirely holy habit that brings you rest and eases your burdens.

It's long been an established fact that God’s a baseball fan, for the first words in Genesis and in the Gospel according to John are “In the big inning” – and at the end of Revelation, Jesus verily affirms this when he calls himself “the big inning”. I think I’m on pretty solid theological ground when I claim to find some of Jesus’ promised rest at the ballpark.

I pray that you take good advantage of the sacramental-yoke-shaping we offer at All Saints’ – and that you find holy and healthy ways outside of these friendly confines to rest your burdened backs.

God’s blessings and peace,



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